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July 22, 2017

Selling Your Home Without A Real Estate Agent


While nearly nine in ten homeowners work with a real estate agent to sell their property, a steady number of sellers—about 8% per year—opt to go it alone. These “for sale by owner” (FSBO) properties rely on a host of different marketing channels and integrated tactics to get the word out and connect with prospective buyers—think everything from classic yard signs to word-of-mouth to social media, FSBO websites, ads and more. Interestingly, a whopping 25% of FSBO sellers claim they do nothing to actively market their homes—and, likely, that number has real estate agents scratching their heads.

So now the big question: How do YOU sell your house without a real estate agent? And, more importantly, is it right for YOU? Is it worth the time and energy to roll the dice and go it alone?

While there’s no clear cut answer—every home and every seller is different—there are some key considerations to weigh before deciding which method makes the most sense for you right now. 

Know What Goes Into Selling A Home - And Be Ready For It

The alternative? Consider concessions. These credits reduce your final home sale profit, giving money back to the buyer so they can tackle these necessary repairs. While it can be a good solution if you’re in a pinch and need to sell, in most cases the credits you’ll turn over far exceed the true cost of repairs. So, if you can, try and cross these repairs off your list ASAP, before your home hits the market or, at the very least, soon after.

Have Realistic Expectations

If you’re already wondering, “will someone buy my house fast for cash?” then it’s likely time to revisit your FSBO expectations. While it’s possible—there are investors out there who love owner-driven sales—the chances of getting a competitive offer like that are slim to none. In fact, most FSBO properties sell for about 16% less than real estate agent–driven homes, according to the National Association of Realtors®. And that’s not accounting for a seller’s marketing costs—those yard signs, classified ads, and online listings don’t pay for themselves. So if your goal truly is “sell my house fast for cash” then you may want to consider the FSBO route—at least for now.

Think About Your Home And How Others Perceive It

Spend some time assessing your home as if you were a prospective buyer. What would you immediately notice about your property? What do people often say about your home? Are there repairs or updates that buyers would likely want to see—or, more importantly, that inspectors and appraisers would demand be made before you can close the sale?

If these questions are giving you pause, there’s a good chance you’ve got what insiders call, simply, an “ugly house.” An ugly house may be just that — an ugly house with no curb appeal and no modern touches — or it may be a property that’s strapped with some other undesirable characteristic. Maybe it’s in a bad neighborhood or in a flood zone, for example. Or maybe it’s in need of some serious rehab work before anyone new would want to call it home.

No matter the circumstances, though, if you’ve got a less than desirable property on your hands, then the FSBO process may be even harder. You can’t just shout, “Someone! Buy my ugly house!” and get the deal done. You’ll likely need to invest in repairs, updates and, above all, marketing to get your FSBO property sold.

Don't Expect To Pocket The Commission

We’ve heard countless people say they’re going the FSBO route because they don’t want to pay a real estate agent’s hefty fees. While, yes, you’ll dodge the 6% agent commission come closing, chances are you’ll find up shaving those dollars off your list price. Agents tend to command higher prices, but those dollars often wind up in the buyer’s pocket, not yours. What’s more, even if you do keep the commission, you’ll likely have invested a few thousand dollar into promoting your property—even more if you fall under the “I need to sell my ugly house” umbrella.

Again, this goes back to having realistic expectations. If you can gut-check yourself and understand that you’re going to be hit with some serious expenses, then go for it—you can always pump the brakes and tap an agent or other company like BuyEveryHome if the go-it-alone road gets too bumpy.

That’s just the tip of the FSBO iceberg, but it’s likely enough to get you thinking about your home and your next steps as a seller. Still on the fence? Ultimately, many experts agree, it boils down to these three key questions:

  • Do I need to sell my home ASAP for personal or financial reasons?
  • Do I need to sell my house fast for cash?
  • Do I need to sell my ugly house?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you probably SHOULDN’T move ahead with an FSBO. In fact, a traditional agent may not be the right path for you either. You may need to tap Buy Every Home to get your property sold now.

What We Are All About

At Buy Every Home we buy every home. Ugly homes? We love ‘em. Cash sales? That’s our only business. Quick closes? Check—we can close in as little as 14 days.

Since we’re real estate investors, we aren’t limited like traditional buyers are. And, with our seller-centric approach, you come out on top and walk away with cash in your pocket—we’ll even cover closing costs. So those 6% real estate agent fees? Forget about them—for real.

What draws many people to the FSBO process is the value and desire to close on their terms — and those are both central to the Buy Every Home model. Every transaction is all-cash, and we can be flexible and close on your terms. Need to close now? We can do it. Need a few weeks to organize your next step? Let’s talk and create a timeline that works for you and your lifestyle. Think of Buy Every Home as the FSBO for today’s savvy seller—the ultimate go-to when you’ve got to sell but don’t want the hassle, headache and added cost of working within the traditional agent-driven system. That’s not us, and it never will be.

Sell Your House With Buy Every Home

Learn more about Buy Every Home and see why thousands of sellers have tapped our expertise, insights and hands-on process to get their properties sold—and sold fast. In just 24 hours our pro team can deliver an all-cash offer on your property. Accept it, and you’ll be on the path to close in as little as two weeks. No costly real estate agents and no going it alone. Just a simple, streamlined process that puts you in the driver’s seat.

Sell without an Agent


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