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July 29, 2017

What Is the Best Season to Sell Your Home?


Everything has its season. That includes selling a house. There’s a reason that realtors have spring open houses and their “Parade of Homes” when the flowers are starting to bloom. Research has shown that homes listed during the first two weeks of May sell the fastest. The problem for most of us is that it is difficult to impossible to focus on selling our homes during these two weeks out of the fifty-two during the year.

Putting Your House on the Market

Selling a home through an agent is a more complex process than you might imagine. First, you need to choose an agent and work with them to decide how it will be listed. You will then need to determine how it will be shown. Some agents won’t even sign your property unless you bring it up to date. Others will take it and just stick a sign on the property without taking any further steps to sell it.

Many home owners make the mistake of believing the realtor will take care of the selling process for them. Instead, most agents treat the arrangement as a partnership. You are responsible for making any necessary improvements. It is up to you to have the house looking its best by the time it is officially listed for sale. Remember, everything needs to be in place and the house placed on the market within the two-week optimal time frame.

The Best Season By Location

Some experts will argue that the year-round warm temperatures in California put less emphasis on seasonal sales. Statistics have shown that even during those times when fewer sales have been occurring across the country, they are often booming in California in spring. The “Season of Renewal” is a popular one for buying new homes in The Golden State as well.

The Buy Every Home Difference

Home owners don’t always have a lot of time to sell their homes. There may be changes in their career or personal lives that take them to new locations. In these cases, hitting the required “two weeks in May” mark is more likely to happen by coincidence than by planning.

Buy Every Home buys any house, in any condition, at any time. We make an offer within 24 hours so you can sell in as little as 14 days. We aren’t like a realtor who focuses on which houses will get them the biggest commission. We will buy your house for any reason and in any season.

Contact and make this the best season for selling your house.


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