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July 4, 2017

Top 5 Cities For Starting Over

Life Change

Top 5 Cities For Starting Over

Sometimes, you just need a fresh start.

Jobs fall through, priorities shift, big cities get more crowded and even more expensive. Whatever your reasons are for picking up shop, making the big move can be an overwhelming process. Choosing a single state can be tricky enough, let alone a single city. And with a big decision no one wants to take any chances. So, we took care of some of the guesswork for you. Before you book your flight, check out our picks for the best start-over cities.

Austin, TX

This Texas gem has, over the last few years, been the destination of people from all over the nation, thanks mainly to its strong job market, affordable housing and thriving food, drink and arts scene. It’s an equation that works so well for the city that US News & World Report made it their top spot on their 2017 “Best Places to Live” list. Financial advice site NerdWallet ranked Austin best in the nation for jobseekers.

For those venturing in from popular metro areas, expect serious cuts in your expenses: New Yorkers will see a whopping 80 percent drop in housing prices, while those from San Francisco can expect a similar drop of 70 percent. However, you may want to jump on the bandwagon soon: It’s said 50 people move to Austin every day, and none of them are saving you a spot.

Denver, CO

Located within the scenic beauty of the Rocky Mountains, Denver is a mountain town with a big-city disposition. The “Mile High City” has seen significant growth in both its job market and its workforce in the recent years, with an employed population growth of nearly 30 percent in 2015, according to the Denver Business Journal.

According to financial advice website NerdWallet, Denver ranked second only to Austin, Texas, for job-seekers. With a robust public transit system and whispers of the region becoming the “next Silicon Valley,” it’s easy to see the charm – and opportunity – in this growing city.

Asheville, NC

It’s easy to love Asheville. The city and the region around it have become a focal point in North Carolina, beloved for craft beer, great food and world-class mountain biking. It’s not all weekend fun in this growing city, however: Asheville is a hot spot for industries of all sorts, offering job opportunities in construction, hospitality, and tech, to name a few. With positive population growth and rising wages, this city may be the perfect place to wipe the slate clean.

Nashville, TN

Housing database Zillow picked Nashville as the hottest housing market of 2017, and that’s well-deserved. Nashville’s real-estate landscape may be one of the most active in the nation, as people – some reports say as many as 86 a day - move into the city. Thanks to big corporate entities like Nissan settling in the region, jobs are plentiful and wages are up. Those who make Nashville home can expect fair rental prices, new infrastructure and some of the best barbecue in the world. That’s a winning combination.

Salt Lake City, UT

Last but certainly not least is Salt Lake City. Low taxes and a steady supply of talent make Salt Lake City and the surrounding region an opportune spot for high-level tech companies.

You don’t have to be a coder to reap the rewards, either: With real estate booming and people pouring in, openings across all industries are waiting to be filled. With housing rates 30 to 40 percent lower than that of major coastal metro areas, a trip to Utah may be in your future.

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