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July 1, 2017

The Upsides To Downsizing

Life Change

Often it can feel like there is an accepted way to “do” home ownership: work hard, buy a house. Work harder, buy a bigger house. Keep working hard and, eventually, buy the mansion of your dreams where you can live out your golden years.

It’s a nice idea, but a huge house doesn’t work for everyone – and it isn’t what everyone even wants. Owning a “normal” home is enough work as it is, and many homeowners today are actively looking to scale down. Downsizing your home is can add convenience to your life and also eliminate some day-to-day headaches. Here are five things to look forward to if you move to cozier living quarters.

Save Money And Free Up Your Budget

It doesn’t take a real estate agent to know that, typically, a larger home fetches more on the market than a smaller one. Ditch the spacious pad for something a bit cozier and you could pocket the difference. That’s cash you can use to cover the costs of moving, redecorating and anything else you’d like.

A smaller space means paying less on utilities and maintenance, too. Less energy goes into heating and cooling, and odd jobs around the house, like repainting the walls, will require fewer supplies. Depending on their situation, homeowners may even see lower tax and insurance rates than before, which will cut down on long-term expenses and give your monthly budget a bit of needed wiggle room.

Get Rid Of The Stuff You Don’t Need

According to UCLA-published book “Life at Home in the 21st Century,” the average American has 500 to 1000 things in each room of their home. Yes, some of those items are essential, but much of that stuff you could probably do without. Downsizing gives homeowners the perfect opportunity to clear out the closet and rid themselves of the items that are tying them down. These things can be sold, donated or simply given away, and you’ll leave lighter and more mobile than ever before.

Put Yourself Close To The Action

Sure, you may not be able to afford a big place downtown, but what about a small one? Opening up your search to smaller properties allows you the flexibility to move into more desirable areas. Take the opportunity and get closer to public transport, bars, restaurants and other attractions.

Grow Old Without Stress

No one is getting any younger. As we age, the prospect of managing a giant home becomes less and less attractive. One day, staircases will become obstacles and dusting the chandelier will become flat-out dangerous. Downsizing has found significant popularity among older folk, who appreciate the added simplicity and convenience. You may be spry now, but don’t forget to think about your future self.

Focus On The Things You Really Care About

With all the budgeting and busywork of finding a home, it can be easy to forget that we should be happy wherever we settle down. Because downsizing reduces your time spent maintaining your home, you’ll have more opportunities to explore your hobbies and interests. Even better, you’ll have a bit more money in your pocket as well, allowing you take better advantage of your time and truly reap the rewards of your latest move.

If where you’re living now is hurting the budget, downsizing your life could be the right step for you. Buy Every Home will make getting out of the house you’re in quick and easy. We can make a cash offer on your home within 48 hours and can be ready to close just one week after the offer is accepted. No pre-approval needed. We’ve simplified the process of selling your home. I guess you could say we’re fans of downsizing, too.

Fill out our online assessment now or call (888) 959-3442 to get your home sold quickly.


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