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July 1, 2017

Selling a House in a Bad Neighborhood


Selling a home is already a challenge, but selling a home in a bad neighborhood can make things a lot more difficult. Whether you live in a rundown community, a high-crime area, or you’re in the flightpath of a nearby airport, finding a buyer who sees the value in your home – despite its surroundings – can be tough.

However, there are some things you can do as a homeowner to improve your chances of selling your home, even if it’s in a bad location. Here are a few tips to consider if you find yourself in this situation.

Set the Right Price

Even if your home is in a bad neighborhood, plenty of first-time buyers and young families on a tight budget may be interested in a starter home in your area if the price is right. In most cases, they may even expect the home to need some work if they’re getting a good deal, so don’t be afraid to drop the price when you need to sell your home quickly.

There are numerous websites that can give you an idea of your home’s current value, including the value of similar homes that have recently sold in your neighborhood. By looking at these numbers, you’ll have a better idea on what your home is really worth, then you can set your price accordingly.

Pick the Best Time & Route

If you’re holding an open house to show off the property, make sure you plan it during the hours when your neighborhood is most appealing. Avoid scheduling your open house when traffic is heaviest, planes are buzzing overhead or your neighbors are on the front lawn blasting music. Instead, choose the time of day when your neighborhood is at its best.

Next, when you give directions to your home to buyers, ensure they follow the most attractive route to your home. Set up your open house signs along the same route. Once buyers enter the area where your home is located, they will start making judgments on whether it is a good fit. Guiding potential buyers past favorable locations like shopping malls, parks and schools will help considerably.

Stage the Home

Sometimes a little decluttering and rearranging can go a long way when you’re trying to sell. And it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to make the inside of your home presentable to buyers.

By applying a few inexpensive interior design trends yourself, you’ll make your home look more comfortable and attractive. Anything you can do to shed a positive light on your home will leave a good impression, and may even help buyers overlook the bad things about your neighborhood.

Make Over the Exterior

Speaking of good impressions, your home’s exterior will be the first thing buyers see when they arrive for an open house or a private tour. If you’re surrounded by rundown homes, make sure your house stands out with a few easy and inexpensive (or free) upgrades that will improve its curb appeal.

By mowing the lawn, removing dead greenery, and decluttering your yard, you’ll be giving your home the facelift it needs for a quicker sale. You can also add a fresh coat of paint to your doors, shutters and fence to really impress buyers.

Help a Neighbor

If you have neighbors who aren’t taking care of their yard and you’re worried about it affecting your home’s value, offer to mow their lawn and maintain their yard while your house is up for sale. You can also organize a neighborhood cleanup project, or pick up litter yourself, to take it a step further.

While it may add extra work to your home selling experience, it could give your neighborhood the boost it needs to make it more appealing to buyers. Every little bit helps.

Avoid Big Investments

When you’re already having a tough time selling your home, investing money in upgrades and renovations isn’t a wise decision. Instead of putting money into the home to make it sell more quickly, use this as an opportunity to lower the price.

There are plenty of first-time home buyers and investors who may want to purchase your home, but they might lose interest if the price goes up due to renovations. You could try to save money by selling the home yourself instead of selling through an agent, but that can be challenging too.

Know When to Sell

If your home’s been on the market for some time, or you just want to sell your home quickly, your best bet could be looking for an investor. At Buy Every Home, our team of investors know what it takes to turn a home around, and improve the entire neighborhood.

We can make you a cash offer on your home in as little as 48 hours at fair market value. When you take our offer, we can usually finish the closing process in one week, without the hassle of pre-approvals or a long and drawn-out process.

Fill out our online assessment now or call (888) 959-3442 to get your home sold quickly.


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