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July 4, 2017

4 DIY Home Renovations You Should Avoid


4 DIY Home Renovations You Should Avoid

In the real-estate world, a little bit of DIY home renovation can go a long way. Many homeowners today give their home occasional facelifts, often with the hope that their updates will hike up its market value. And some simple updates are easily done yourself can end working wonders for curb appeal.

Not all home renovations are in the owner’s best financial interests, however. Projects that don’t recoup their costs can drain budgets and leave sellers asking, “Where’s that extra profit I was expecting?” or even, “What was I thinking?”

So before you break out the elbow grease, make sure your next project isn’t one of these four.

Don’t Put In A Pond

Having a small pond with a few happy fish can turn a suburban back yard into something far more tranquil. Digging, installing, filling and treating that pond, however, is a far less pleasant experience.

Ponds require specialized filtration systems that can cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars and demand constant maintenance. In addition, potential buyers may be hesitant to inherit the responsibility of feeding the fish that call your backyard home.

Families with young children, or who are planning to have children, could have their own unique concerns. A pond can pose a safety risk for little kids, and parents may be wary to commit to a home if they don’t feel comfortable letting their children play in the yard. So, before you grab your shovel, be aware that you might be turning off potential buyers.

Don’t Refinish Your Own Floors

While you can go out and rent the equipment you need to refinish your hardwood floors, this is one job you probably want to leave to the experts. Because the process demands sanding off the top layer of wood, you’ll need to be experienced working with some heavy-duty sanding equipment. Sand in one spot for too long and you’ll find yourself trying to sell a home with damaged floors, which will hurt buyer appeal. That’s not something you want to take chances with.

Don’t Add Any Built-in Electronics

If you’ve been thinking about turning your basement into a movie theater, think again. Built-in electronics, like home theatres and sound systems, can hurt a home’s value. Electronics are always at risk of becoming outdated, and it’s no wonder that many buyers see today’s high-end electronics as depreciating assets. Rather than turning your basement into a movie-buff’s paradise, leave that space open and let the buyer imagine what they’ll do with it.

Don’t Merge Your Bedrooms

Taking down a wall is an easy way to turn two smaller rooms into a single, larger space. But before you start knocking things down, make sure you’re not hurting your home layout in the process. Merging two bedrooms instantly turns a 4-bedroom house into a 3-bedroom, or a 3-bedroom into a 2-bedroom. That can hurt its selling power, especially if your house has fewer bedrooms than similar properties around it. Also, your home will be less desirable for families with many children or who are looking for an additional guest room.

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