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July 10, 2017

3 Reasons Most People Wont Buy A Fixer Upper


Selling any home can be challenging, much less one that isn’t ready to be lived in. It isn’t unusual to see listings for fixer-uppers, but they usually stay listed for a long time. If you are about to put a house on the market “as-is,” you may be in for a long wait before you even get any serious lookers. There are several reasons that people won’t buy fixer uppers, and these three top the list.

1. The Work

Those home repair shows on TV may make fixing up a house a lot of fun. That’s because they only show you the highlights that will fit into a thirty-minute show. The reality is that it can take weeks or months to repair a home. There’s also a lot of uncertainty about the depth of repairs that you will get into once you stop. For example, a leaky sink may turn out to be a serious plumbing problem that requires a complete plumbing overhaul. Buying a fixer upper requires a huge investment of time, and you have to be prepared for any surprises that pop up.

2. The Cost

Most fixer uppers are priced lower to allow for the cost of needed repairs. But those same surprises that take more work to fix also cost more. Even if the buyer thinks they know what kinds of expenses to expect, it could cost a lot more. Most buyers are looking for a bargain, not a do-it-yourself project.

3. They Need a Place to Stay

Selling an old home and buying a new one is always a balancing act. Most buyers need or want a place that they can move into now to get started living their new lives. Once their recent home has been sold, they need to have their new home ready. If they buy a fixer upper, they could end up in limbo without a real home for a long time. Even worse, they could end up staying with relatives.

What We Do

If you have a fixer upper that you need to sell fast, Buy Every Home can help. We are the largest privately owned home buyer in the nation. We make a cash offer on your fixer upper within 24 hours of inspection. If you accept our offer, you can have the cash in as little as 14 days from the time you contact us.

We know the frustration and hopelessness that comes with trying to sell a house that needs work. We will buy your fixer upper as it is so you don’t have to wait. Contact us today to get the process started.

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